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Breakdowns for each of these shots are in the posts that follow.


Brasserie Interior – Maya: Mental Ray

Brasserie B

Brasserie A

Brasserie 3

Brasserie 1

Zbrush Concept

D&D style attribute rolling for character modeling… WTF? Yes that’s right, our latest assignment involved rolling character attributes to create out next sculpt. After our attributes were fleshed out we had to do a portrait of the character. I lucked out with the following stats.

Gender: Female
Age: 41-60
Job: Explorer
Time Period: Prehistoric
Disposition: Corrupt

Well here is the sketch I came up with after a few hours. I did some loose painting in Photshop after scanning my initial sketch in. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting the upated sculpts of the character. The whole sculpt and paint is due on the 12th of December.
Concept for female corrupt elderly prehistoric explorer